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When I read through [my son's] personalized book, I sat there with my mouth open - floored by the amount of detail and insight, revelation about my son (which intutively I fully recognized as true!), and knowing that it could make an extreme impact on his success. It was almost revolutionary. This is the kit that every child should come with. It would make teacher's jobs easier, parents feel more at comfortable knowing more about how their child works and how to help them in each area - how to advocate for their needs, and make steps to see them grow exponentially.
Lisa F., Homeschooling Parent

Like is too small a word for how I feel about this book. Phenomenal is more like it. I want one for me!
Felicia D., Teacher

This workbook is easy to read, understand and apply. All parents should have one for EACH of their children.
Virginia Koenig, Learning Curve Radio

[This book] will not only help me help my son, but it gave me some great tips so that I can better the way I learn as well.
Lenny B., Parent

I loved the interactive guidance and examples used. It will truly help all parents and teachers...allow to blossom the best that is truly in our children.
Roger Boswarva, Chairman, Ability Consultants


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