Myers-Briggs Personality Types vs. Childhood Personalities

Why The Distinction is Important

brainBy understanding more about both learning and play behaviors of your children with regard to their Myers Briggs personality type, you will be better able to teach and parent in a way that best suits your child. When a child’s dominant personality type function and innate character strengths are encouraged and embraced by parents and teachers at an early age, children will be able to discover their unique talents and potential earlier than their peers.

The Eight Personality Types of Kids Under Twelve

If you’re already somewhat familiar with Myers Briggs Personality Types, you may wonder why we’ve only identified eight types of personality below. Current research shows that children under 4 or 5 have only truly defined the extraversion vs. introversion and the perceiving vs. judging aspects of their personality type. During the early elementary (sometimes preschool) years, children begin to unveil and build strength in their dominant personality type function—one of the four remaining personality type characteristics (Inuitive, Sensing, Feeling or Thinking). It’s only in the years after about age 12 or 13 that we begin to see their auxiliary personality type become defined. For this reason, we’ve centered our recommendations on Jungian personality types, which form the basis of Myers-Briggs.

Browse the MBTI Childhood Personality Types

ETJcolorExtroverted Thinking (ETJ Personality Type) Child

ITPcolorIntroverted Thinking (ITP Personality Type) Child

ESPcolorExtroverted Sensing (ESP Personality Type) Child

ISJcolorIntroverted Sensing (ISJ Personality Type) Child

EFJcolorExtroverted Feeling (EFJ Personality Type) Child

IFPcolorIntroverted Feeling (IFP Personality Type) Child

ENPcolorExtroverted Intuiting (ENP Personality Type) Child

INJcolorIntroverted Intuiting (INJ Personality Type) Child

Assess Your Kids

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For more information on the Myers Briggs personality type (MBTI ®) indicator, we recommend you visit the official Myers-Briggs website at

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