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Coming in January to Santa Barbara!

Ideas Worth Spreading…For Kids

Empowering Kidzmet Kids to transform their thoughts and ideas into actions that can make their world and community a better place.

DesignedCollaborative Learning for 9-12 year olds, this NEW Santa Barbara area enrichment club will be grounded in shedding light on the causes closest to our hearts while developing both the unique strengths of each participant and critical 21st Century success skills like collaboration, critical thinking, effective communication, awareness building, problem solving, time management, and project planning.

During our time together, club members will discover an inspiring and enriching program that sparks learning through FUN as we work together to develop presentations and promote a final event chock-full of kid-developed ideas about how we can make our world a better place.
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More About the Club
More About the Instructor

Location: The Kidzmet Clubhouse – 112 W Cota St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(Top floor of the Dubin Learning Center)

Minimum 4/Maximum 6 children per group.
Each group will meet once per week for 2 hours.

Classes start the week of Jan 5.
Remaining class DAY options: M, Tu, or W
Remaining class TIME options: 1-3p or 3:30-5:30
Cost: $350 per child (20 hours)

Registration Closed for Winter Session

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About the Instructor

Jen Lilienstein, multi-award winning author, businesswoman, and Kidzmet Founder will lead each class. Jen’s background combines 20+ years of marketing, advertising, writing, and speaking with a passion for celebrating, embracing, and nurturing kids’ unique learning strengths. A former UC Regents Scholar that earned her Bachelor’s degree from UC Irvine at 19, Jen has won a multitude of awards for her work with the past 5 years, including:

  • being named one of Startup Nation’s Leading Moms in Business 2010,
  • the 2011 Parent Tested Parent Approved award for Kidzmet,
  • the 2012 National Parenting Center’s Award for her Kidzmet work,
  • the MIT Enterprise Forum audience award in 2013,
  • the Spring 2013 Pinnacle Award for Best Parenting and Family Book, and
  • the Summer 2014 Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award for A Parent’s Playbook for Learning.

Kidzmet Awards

At home, Jen is Mom to an extraverted-intuitive daughter who has a passion for the arts and an introverted-sensing son who is enthralled with nature and engineering.


Kidzmet’s Make it Your Mission Series for Kids

I think we’ve all be inspired by movies like “Pay It Forward”, but many times don’t think that we can have that kind of large scale impact on our country or world. The reality is that when you combine passion with perseverance,  we are capable of much more than we ever dreamed.

And the same goes for our kids. Over the course of the past month on Kidzmet, we set out to offer kids a step-by-step guide to honing in on a personal mission statement and how to begin sharing that mission and infectious enthusiasm with their communities, countries and even our world.

When kids start to reveal new findings rather than report on what’s already been discovered…

When they start to self-direct learning based on their own personal passions…

When they start to realize that it’s not a *single* type of intelligence that’s needed to be successful in pretty much any career you can think of, but a *puree* of several—if not all—of the multiple intelligences used in concert with each other…

That’s when learning truly has the potential to become fun and exciting for kids.

Want to help ignite Fires in the Minds of your kids–or Light Up Your Child’s Mind? We hope this series will help you do just that.

Part 1 :: Talk about what a “mission statement” is with your child and brainstorm a personal mission statement for them.

Part 2 :: Find people who do work that’s similar to what your child said his or her mission was in the last exercise and reach out to them.

Part 3 :: Plan a date, time and place to have a gathering to talk to other “like minded people” in your community about your personal mission.

Part 4 :: At your gathering, talk with others about how you can work together to affect change in this regard.

Part 5 :: Attend a trade show or conference with some of your fellow advocates and/or a parent that is in alignment with your mission.

Part 6 :: Analyze your results. How effective was each strategy? What techniques do you want to replicate as you continue your efforts? What new techniques would you like to try?

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Make It Your Mission! Part 6

It’s time for your next mission meet-up!

Talk to each other about what your experience was with your responsibilities from Part 4. Did everyone do what they said they were going to do? Did some people do more than they had planned?

Analyze your results by writing down these 3 numbers for each of the different techniques you and your fellow advocates tried:

  • How many people were you able to connect with about your mission?
  • How many of those people could understand why it’s important to you…and should be to them.
  • Use a calculator to divide the number of people you were able to inspire by the number of people you were able to connect with.
Talk about which techniques were most effective in terms of:
  • Reach (how many people you were able to connect with using that technique)
  • Conversion rate (what percentage of people you were able to get excited about your mission using that technique)
  • Evangelist rate (the number of new “advocates” you were able to get to join your meeting as a result of using that technique)

What techniques to “get the word out” do you want to try this time around? Will you use the same ones? Do you want to try new ones? Has your mission changed course as a result of your efforts? Has your focus narrowed or broadened?

Before you go home, be sure to set a date and time for your next small group meeting.

Return to Part 1 with your growing group of advocates and spread the word about what’s important to you to even more people.


You are helping to change the world for the better in ways that are important to you. You should be extremely proud of yourself. :)

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Make It Your Mission! Part 5

Attend a trade show or conference with some of your fellow advocates and/or a parent that is in alignment with your mission.

(Maybe one of your new email pen pals will also be attending and you can meet!)

Walk the exhibit floor and see what other people are doing that you could work into your plans.

Talk to the people at the booths that are interesting to you and tell them about what you are doing. Get their feedback on other things you might want to try to get the word out or how your two groups could work together to accomplish your goals.

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Make It Your Mission! Part 4

Think about how you want to set up your event.
  • Do you want people sitting in chairs facing you at the front (e.g. stage/audience)
  • Do you want people sitting in chairs in a round circle?
  • Do you want people standing up and talking to each other?
  • Do you want a combination of a couple of the event formats above?
Next, think about how you will manage conversation at the event.
  • Will you have people raise their hands to speak?
  • Will you let them talk as needed?
  • Will you have conversation “sticks” that people can use to show who’s up next to talk?
  • Will you impose time limits on how much one person can speak?
How will you record people’s ideas?
  • Will you tape record them?
  • Will you video tape them?
  • Will you have someone write them down on a sheet of paper?
  • Will you have someone write them down on a chalkboard, whiteboard or easel?

It’s finally time for your event!
At your gathering, talk with others about how you can work together to affect change in this regard. Remind people how small changes on behalf of one or more people can create a positive chain of events that ultimately results in a BIG change.

Some people call this concept the “butterfly effect”…others call it a “ripple effect”…still others call it a “domino effect”.

Think about the small changes you are all willing to make individually and as a group.
  • Will you talk to at least one person a day about your mission?
  • Will you talk to your school PTA about it?
  • Will you write a letter or email to your congressional representative, senator or the president?
  • Will you create a petition?
  • Will you create a YouTube video about it?
  • How about a blog, Facebook group or a Twitter account?
  • Is it a subject that your parents could post flyers about at work?
  • Is it something that you want to talk to someone about at a local museum or bookstore?
  • Do you want to do more research about it online and reach out to more influential people and get their suggestions?

Decide who will be responsible for which tasks. How will you evaluate the results of each effort? Then, set a date with those interested for your next meet-up. Encourage each other to find ONE more friend to bring to your next meeting.

Now, GO TO IT!
As Ghandi once said…

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